I must confess I hadn't realised but teenagers don't carry ID, they're too young to have credit cards and too young to get a proper ID card (the one that can be requested by staff, in bars and clubs.)

So if a teenager is ever involved in an accident and there's no-one with them, it could be a bit of a problem.

Many teenagers spend a lot of time at the shops and an emergency card can be slotted into their wallets, purses or travelcards/passes without too much hassle. Once they're in situ apart from the top bit they're unobtrusive. (I don't think the cards look too uncool.)

Once a teenager has an emergency card - unless it goes into the wash, it could stay with them throughout their adult life - if that's not value for money then I don't know what is!

An emergency card might help to keep a teenager safe - especially if he or she suffers from any kind of health problem.

Please consider one for your son/daughter or niece/nephew.

If any teenagers have benefited (either directly/indirectly) from an emergencycard I'd love to know!

Just send an email to: info@emergencycards.co.uk

"This was a top present!"
B Brown, Manchester.

"When I gave cards to my mum
and dad they said I'd never
been so thoughtful, which
was pretty cool!"
M Kitchen, Slough.

"I'd always thought of giving
my 14 year old some form of ID
you've created my solution!"
F Lake, Glasgow.

"My daughter thought it was a
great idea & immediately filled in
her card and put it in her purse."
P Price, Matlock.

"It's more of a precautionary
measure but it certainly gives
added peace of mind!"
G Davies, Newport Pagnell.

"Now all my daughter's
friends want one..."
G Moore, Southampton.

"I thought my son would feel
nagged but he often reminds me
that he's got his special card."
P Short, Dover.


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