* We made sure that he's now filled in his card


There are so many opportunities for the over 50's & over 60's that it can be difficult keeping track of them!

Sat-Navs for senior citizens may be overdoing it but an emergency card is a good idea especially,when they live alone.

Carers have very important jobs and they should consider some form of ID as the person they care for may be worried & or in need of help.

If you give your mum, dad, grandad, grandma/nan an emergencycard, you'd be sure that their ~ full name, next of kin details and relevant medical info, would be located in one place.

As soon as I'd given my mum her prototype emergencycard I felt so relieved as I knew that my contact information would be easily found if anything happened to her.

One important thing is get your emergency cards filled out asap, it's no good getting them and leaving them blank! (Mr Moseley* at the bottom of the page is setting a bad example!)

If you would be interested in bulk buying emergency cards for a residential/retirement home or a group of carers please call: 01908 566 366 or email: info@emergencycards.co.uk

"When I gave my grandma an
emergency card, she had tears
in her eyes."
T White, Chester.

"My order cost less than a
round of drinks so I gave the
cards out in the pub!"
M Kitchen, Slough.

"My Dad means the world to
me, I had to get him a card."
P Carter, Lancaster.

"My daughter is my carer, I
bought her a card as it could
easily benefitboth of us."
S Smyth, Watson.

"I bought cards for the whole
family - it's the best
things I've ever done."
F Morris, Canterbury.

"My Nan isn't frail,
but I persuaded her this
was just common sense."
J Hayes, Winchester.

"They say the best ideas are
the simple ones and this
is a cracker."
J Singh, Luton.


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