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It took the police two hours to get to my mum and my dad was only round the corner. If he'd taken the local train into Birmingham it could have been many more hours before mum knew what had happened.

If you're a regular commuter you could be miles from home ~ I know that an emergency card is no guarantee of your safe return.

If you are far from loved ones, it makes sense to have the important details in a secure place.

If you're involved in an accident, it's obv important that friends and family can be notified so that alternative arrangements can be made such as collecting children from home, looking after pets etc.

When I decided to get some emergency cards professionally printed I made sure that they'd fit both the Travel For London Oyster Card & The National Rail Annual season ticket holders.

If your company is interested in targetting Londoners and or regular commuters it's possible to sponsor* some emergency cards. Please see the "How to show your company cares" option above.

For further info email: info@emergencycards.co.uk

"I travel into London every day, my emergency card fits perfectly into my Oyster card holder."
L Hitching, Rugby.

"I was nagged to get a card but when i see it I have to give a little smile, after all it shows that somebody cares."
J Taylor, Norwich.

"Every day I take three trains, so getting a card made perfect sense to me."
C Platt, Brighton.

"I'm always wary of the tube but having a card with me makes me a bit happier."
D Black, Walthamstow.

"My boss asked what the card was and he was so impressed he wants to get some for the whole sales team."
J Tickle, Sheffield.

"My 4-year-old daughter asked what the new emergency card in my purse was. Now, if I keel over, she's going to be standing there, shouting 'look in mummy's purse!'"
J Hanlon, Ormskirk.


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