Why not consider giving staff and customers an emergency card? It will make you feel warm and fuzzy, put your company in a good light and best of all it will mean an awful lot to the recipients.

Emergency cards for clients and staff are just 99p each & as they're gifts, they're a tax deductable expense. Not bad for something that could help save a life.

Sponsor your own Emergency Cards
These days it's can be difficult to come up with a new & interesting promotional gift - mugs, pens, calculators and mousemats are a bit old hat. But just imagine if you had some emergency cards with your logo on! Anyone that's given an emergency card is normally blown away with the gesture & getting your logo on a card implies a great deal.

If a card is placed in the spare section of a travelcard holder, the card (and your logo) will be on view every day, so it's also perfect if your company wants to target Londoners/regular commuters.

Logos/company names can be placed on the front (only) of each card (in the position of the url

Please call for pricing info, a minimum print order applies.

If your magazine/newspaper would like to offer emergency cards as a reader offer, please email:

"We were very keen to issue the identity cards to our employees not only because they make a valuable contribution towards our efforts of being a 'caring employer', but because they provide vital and possibly crucial information in the case of an emergency.

"As we work nationally, our engineers are out on the road every day and working in different towns and cities across the UK.

"The identity cards give our management team and our employees the reassurance that if anything unfortunate should happen then all identity and personal details plus emergency contact information is available immediately.

"They are a wonderful idea and I believe that everyone should carry an emergency card.

"We are delighted to be able to offer them to our employees."

Theresa Archer,
Direct Data Cabling Ltd

Purchase some Emergency cards TODAY and we’ll even PAY the postage!