Not everyone can be a fundraiser and sometimes it can seem like an awful lot of effort for very little return.

But fundraise with emergency cards and you'll be selling something that's of real benefit to families.

Mums & dads, grandparents, aunts & uncles should all carry cards. Some teenagers love to go out shopping, some love to stay out late but what they have in common is that many don't carry any form of ID. Emergency cards are perfect for a wide range of people.

Fundraisers can purchase emergency cards at the discounted rate of 75p each and then sell them @ 1.50 each. So you can double your money!

Every card that's sold could help bring people together and it's a gift that lasts (each card includes a pvc protective sleeve.)

If you raise funds for After-school clubs, Brownies, Cubs, PTA's etc please consider emergency cards as you next fundraiser.

Emergency cards don't take up much room, you can sell them all year round, they're not expensive and best of all they're incredibly thoughtful gifts that one day, could make a real difference.

"I have a 2 year old and I'd
always used to worry what
would happen if I was in an
accident. Now that I carry a
card I'm a lot happier."
R Smith, Blackpool.

"I think this is a wonderful way
to fundraise ~ it makes a
great change from
mugs & teatowels!"
M Curtis, Harlow.

"I've been a fundraiser for
a long time ~ emergency cards
are one of the simplest and
best ideas I've ever seen!"
P Cox, Carlisle.

"My teenage son didn't carry
any ID which worried me
terribly. Now he's got an
emergency card I feel
so much happier!"
J Klass, Halesowen.

"We don't start fundraising
for our school until next month
but this is a definite!"
L Speed, Gloucester.


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