It's obviously vitally important to get the right kind of help if you carry medication & people who suffer from asthma, epilepsy, diabetes or anaphylaxis (a life threatening type of allergic reaction) should consider carrying an emergency card.

On the reverse of each card is space to write down information about specific medications, treatment or a simple message such as 'Urgent medical assistance required.'

To be honest, I was only thinking about my mum when I created my first emergency cards, I didn't realise/think that they could help save someone's life but with any life threatening medical condition, one card could make a real difference.

Anyone who's ~ asthmatic, epileptic, diabetic, anaphylactic or carries special medication should have some form of explanatory ID.

You can purchase medical bracelets or even plastic ID cards but they can prove expensive, I hope that an emergency card is a more cost effective option or perhaps a suitable back up.

Mobile Phone ICE Numbers
A special 'In Case of Emergency' number in a mobile, is a good plan but don't forget that it hinges on someone being able to work out how to use that particular model & that the phone hasn't been damaged. If in doubt, add your no. ~ you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain!

"Since I had a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction
to a wasp sting,
I've always carried
adrenalin syringes.

But it's always worried
me that I may become
unconscious before I have
time to tell anyone I'm having
a severe allergic reaction
& what they need to do -
my syringes can
save my life.

So it makes me feel quite vulnerable, especially when I'm travelling & away
from my family.

Emergency cards are a
fantastic idea, so simple
but carrying all the
vital information that could
make a life or death
difference to people with
allergies, like me."

J Mathews, Milton Keynes

"Emergency cards are useful for people who suffer from diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, special needs, severe allergies, phobias, impaired vision/hearing and life threatening or life limiting conditions."


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