Back in January my father had a heart attack. He was just a few minutes from home but the police took 2 hrs to find my mum and by then it was too late.

As dad wasn’t carrying any ID the police had no option but to begin house-to-house enquiries.

If dad had carried ID in his wallet, my mum could have been there within minutes.

My first priority was my mum and in a ‘Blue Peter’ moment, I made her a special card with her name on it & my contact number(s).

Mum was v pleased and said it’s a pity that more people couldn‘t have their own cards.

I thought about it and decided to get my cards printed & get online.

If one card makes a difference to someone, then it’s been worth it.

Nothing can bring back my dad but I’m sure he’d approve.

Karen Parker

"I can think of quite a few occasions when these cards would've been a blessing at the scene of an accident. Having this information to hand could save precious time & allow the emergency services to save lives and contact relatives quickly."

Mary Russell, Police Inspector (retired)

"Ambulance staff need as much info as possible when treating those seriously injured/ill. Being able to contact a patients' relative/friend can aid this process.

It's a good idea for anyone who's at risk/vulnerable to carry some means of allowing the emergency teams to contact a named individual."

J Nichols, Divisional Director
South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust

"Since I gave my nan a card for her purse, I've felt so much happier."
M Coombs, Totnes

"My brother has diabetes so this was a no-brainer for me."
S Martin, Cambs.

"Both my grandparents carry medication - this is simply
a brilliant idea!"
F Scott, Morecambe.

"I was given a card by my son
- I was so touched,
I burst into tears."
K Holly, Kidderminster.

"I'm forever yelling a checklist
to my 13-year-old:
'keys, purse, emergency card?!'"
H Branson, Surrey.

"I got 2 for my husband -
one for his wallet &
one for the
washing machine... "
J Hanlon, Ormskirk.

"£1.50 a card? Job Done!"
T Styles, Newport.

Emergency Cards are ideal gifts for: teenagers, commuters, students, parents, grandparents, the residents of retirement or sheltered accomodation, regular travellers, single people and those with food intolerances/life threatening allergies.

BUY THEM FOR: Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, Valentines' Day, Christmas or as a surprise gift for the one you love!

Emergency cards can help fundraise for: Nurseries, PTAs, After-School Clubs, Scouts, Brownies, Cubs, Guides etc.